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Property Owner Relationships and
Management Services

There are owners of multiple properties who use different brokers and brokerage companies on different properties in their portfolios because of their specific market knowledge and contacts. Some owners use a single brokerage company for their entire portfolio, but have different brokers on different properties. Managing these multiple relationships and monitoring their progress on different properties can be very time consuming.

While neither Bruce Johnston or JRES is a licensed real estate broker, we can assist in managing the efforts of all of your brokerage relationships This can include:

  • Preliminary review through final selection of the most appropriate brokerage company and brokers for the property type and location or entire portfolios
  • Creation of property specific Listing Agreements
  • Creation of property specific form Letters of Intent
  • Letter of Intent review, recommendations and negotiation
  • Monitoring and reporting of all leasing related activity, from prospecting to tenant evaluation to LOI generation through lease execution.

This service can streamline your use of multiple brokers and allow you the time to make strategic decisions regarding your portfolio.

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