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Johnston Real Estate Services is a full-service retail real estate company offering a wide range of services for retailers, developers, property owners and institutional investors. Our deep experience and wide-ranging industry relationships create value in each and every transaction.

Here is what our clients can expect from their association with us:

  • Integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.
  • Market Knowledge: extensive, in-depth understanding of retail real estate in all the major West Coast markets.
  • Reliability: If we agree to represent or provide services to you, they will be completed on time and within budget. Period.
  • We know how to say "NO": If you require services beyond our capabilities, we will tell you that up front, and where possible, use our best efforts to help you find another company or individual who is more suited to your needs.

For specific services geared toward your company's needs, please click on the buttons to your left.

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